Father Aragonès trusts the rest of the independence parties to agree on a government “as quickly as possible”

The vice-president of the Generalitat and candidate of the ERC for the presidency, Father Aragonès, declared this Saturday that he had “maximum confidence” in the fact that the three separatist parties – Junts, CUP and ERC – will come to a pact to form the next government. He said it during a press conference in Lleida after having visited the region of Segrià with the regional Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat, Teresa Jordà, and the mayor of the city, Miquel Pueyo (ERC).

“I am convinced that the three formations, which have an absolute majority of independence in Parliament, will continue to negotiate in the coming days, as they have done”, he defended the day after the constitution of the Catalan Chamber. Thus, he predicted that this new government would be formed “quickly” and stressed the need for it to be a strong and stable executive.

He sent his best wishes – he said – to the new Parliamentary Council, which was set up with a pro-independence majority and which will be chaired by Republican Anna Caula, and to the new Speaker of the House, Laura Borràs . (Junts): “I think now is the time to start.” “And I would also like to take the opportunity to greet the previous table, which was the subject of judicial persecution for having defended all the debates, and especially” the former president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent.

Regarding the works that the Museum of Lleida had to transfer to the Diocesan Museum of Barbastro (Huesca), he rejected “any attempt at politicization relating to the protection and custody of cultural heritage”, and asserted that Lleida and Aragon form a homogeneous and unitary territory.

“For this reason, our commitment is to continue the legal fight to overturn a decision that we consider not only unjust, but above all a genuine aberration of museum logic,” he added. In addition, he defended that the agrifood sector is essential for the economic future of Catalonia and for its transformation: “Catalonia has all the assets to be a country of reference in the agrifood field”. In this sense, he urged to empower companies in the sector “through European funds”, taking full advantage of the potential of this economic aid.

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