Father Aragonès will try to rule alone in Catalonia due to the impossibility of reaching an agreement with Junts

Published: Saturday May 8, 2021 12:41 PM

The ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Father Aragonès, announced that he would try to chair the government alone in the absence of an agreement with the Junts after months of negotiations.

“The negotiations show the difficulties to reach an agreement”

“83 days have passed since the elections and the negotiations show the enormous difficulties in reaching an agreement and forming a government with the Junts. ERC has come to the conclusion that the country cannot wait any longer and we take the responsibility to start the legislature with a single government ”, he assured.

Referring directly to Junts, the ERC candidate denounces that the formation “remains immobile”, that “the country is suffering” and that “the president cannot bear the tutelage”.

“You have to keep talking”

However, Pere Aragonés assures us that they will leave the door open so that Junts can join the project once the legislator starts to move: “We must continue to speak and conclude agreements, for independence and also for the recovery”.

Regarding the PSC, Aragonés maintains that it will not seek its support because “it is not compatible” with its political proposal.

Illa defends a government of “left-wing officials”

For his part, Salvador Illa defended “a government in Catalonia of left-wing officials” with “full capacity for action” and asked Aragonès to “step aside” to avoid the blockade: “Mr. Aragonès, another failure, step back and accept reality. “

“Catalonia has energy, capacities, we must go on the offensive, to defend a plural Spain and a united Europe”, asked Illa.

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