father runs away with his girlfriend’s mother: father of two who ran away with his girlfriend’s mother, was trained hours before his father – British father ran away with his girlfriend mother a few just days after she gave birth to her baby

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A bizarre case of two lovers fleeing to Gloucestershire, UK where the father-of-two (29) ran away with his girlfriend’s mother (44), even when the girlfriend’s girlfriend monster lover few hours before Born thalandan
A bizarre case of two lovers on the run in Gloucestershire, UK, has come to light. Here the father of two (29) escaped with his girlfriend’s mother (44). This too when the monster girlfriend Ashik gave birth to the child a few hours before. The girlfriend is absolutely shocked by her mother’s flight with her boyfriend.

Monster Aashiq’s girlfriend has been identified as Jess Aldridge (24). Jess recently gave birth to her boyfriend Ryan Shelton’s second child. It is said that Jess came to her mother Georgina (44) and her husband Irik before they were children. Georgina, the 6-year-old grandmother, started flirting with Ryan a few days later.

Ryan and Georgina run away
When Jess arrives from the hospital after giving birth to the baby, she learns that Ryan and Georgia have escaped and live in a new house 30 miles away. Extremely saddened by this news, Jess told The Sun newspaper: “This is total fraud. You hope that a newborn baby will be loved by his grandmother. She should help raise the two children but she is spending the night with my boyfriend.

Jess already has two daughters. He said I went to my mother with the hope that she would take care of my children but that I had been cheated. Jess reported that the flirtation was going on between her mother and her boyfriend. They used to sit together, drink alcohol, and joke in the kitchen every night. Jess said that after the child was born, she received a message to end the relationship only a few hours later.

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