Feedback on Araba Talent Forum 2020


Feedback on Araba Talent Forum 2020

Led by SEA Empresas Alavesas, this initiative, which is now in its third edition, was organized with a dual objective. On the one hand, to give visibility to the needs and the reality of the Alavs commercial fabric, by showing the challenges and opportunities it faces. While, on the other hand, it helps Alava companies to generate an employer brand and to contact Alava professionals residing both outside and inside the territory, for a possible short relationship. , medium or long term.

BY RRHH Digital, 02:08 – 28 December 2020

We are living through a health crisis that affects businesses in the area and directly affects the ability to hire new talent. However, we must be aware that this is a temporary situation and that due to the current demographic rate and the scarcity of certain technical profiles, companies must continue to bet on the attraction of short talents, medium and long term. . The Back to Araba Talent Forum attempts to advise and guide professionals in this uncertain situation, putting them in direct contact with companies in the region. It is vital for the Araba brand as a territory of talent to convey information about the current situation and optimistic forecasts for the future.

Back To Araba is a key bet as part of the strategy to attract talent to the province. Their work is essential for the creation and promotion of networks of contact and cooperation. It allows professionals who once left their homes to check that Alava companies now have offers that will get them home, work alternatives that involve taking over the vital project they left parked in the past. , and which, in turn, represent our territory an unbeatable opportunity to recover the coveted talents

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