Feijóo calls for “a change of cycle” within the People’s Party to “raise the bar”

Updated: Friday, May 14, 2021 5:53 PM

Published on: 05/14/2021 17:52

The President of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, called for “a change of cycle” within the PP with a “more European” project, which brings together the center-right to “raise the bar of politics”. Speaking to Radio Euskadi, he assured that he would “unconditionally” support Pablo Casado as the leader of his formation “to change the Spanish government”.

But, he clarified, “I would like that in the PP there is a change in the political cycle and that we are again towards a more Western policy, more European, more predictable, at a time when the level policy must be raised. bit “. As he reflected,” as long as we do not unify the center-right in Spain, the populist left will have many more possibilities to govern and this has already been seen “.

A su juicio, “Vox no ha venido a solucionar ningún problema a nuestro país” y en Galicia ese partido no tiene ni un counciljal, ni ningún diputado en el Parlamento, y “ese es el modelo y la única fórmula de volver a elevar” politics.

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These demands of the Galician president, Casado recalled, coincide with what was raised at the party’s executive committee, where a “cycle change” in national policy had already been warned after the popular victory in the community elections in Madrid.

This change, which coincided with Feijóo, involves the passage to “pro-European” policies in the line of conservative countries in the environment, such as Germany, Austria or Greece, but also socialist such as Portugal. , where measures are being implemented aimed, according to Casado, at generational opportunities, lowering taxes, creating jobs and helping those who have had a bad time in the pandemic, which has faces the “populist policies” of Pedro Sánchez.

He insisted, in this sense, on the fact that the Spaniards saw “very clearly” the alternative of the PP, which is constitutionalist, autonomist, convinced municipalist and which looks towards Europe, because it needs “economic policies responsible “and to come out of” legal exception “.

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