Felipe VI demands unity against terrorism “come where he comes from and act where he acts”

Publication: Thursday March 11, 2021 19:53

King Felipe VI demanded this Thursday the unit against terrorism “come where it comes from and act where it acts” in his message on the occasion of the European Day of Victims of Terrorism, in which he also had praise the victims and appealed to preserve your memory.

Don Felipe, who was tasked with presiding over the event with Queen Letizia and in the presence of almost the entire government, including its president, Pedro Sánchez, defended the celebration of this day, which coincides with the anniversary of the attacks. March 11, in order to “demonstrate our union in the face of aggression against our citizens, our principles and our institutions”.

“We Europeans must be united in solidarity and in the fight against terror, wherever it comes from and wherever it acts,” said the King in the act which took place in the gardens of the Royal Palace and which they also attended. major associations and foundations of victims of terrorism, as well as some political and regional leaders.

Attacks like the one that occurred in Madrid, “the bloodiest in our history”, are “an attack on the life and physical integrity of people” and attempt to “undermine the pillars on which our civilization was built. and developed: freedom, justice. , Human rights, democracy ”. But, “the enemies of life and freedom have not succeeded, and they will never succeed,” defended Don Felipe, insisting on unity and praising the fact that “the victims of terrorism are an ethical benchmark in our democratic systems “. symbol of the defense of freedom and the rule of law.

The King insisted on the need for cooperation in the fight against terrorism because “ preventing and avoiding the radicalization of sectors of the population and rejecting any legitimation of violence as a means of achieving political objectives, or any other nature, is one of the main challenges “not only for the EU but also for the international community in the face of the terrorist challenge.

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