Felipe VI presides over the military Passover marked by the cat of the former Francoist soldier and with the King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi


Publication: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 6:06 AM

Felipe VI presides over the traditional military Easter this Wednesday and reappears after his Christmas Eve speech with several open fronts. The first in the army itself, with the letters she received from Franco’s ex-soldiers in which they asked her to disown the government. The second, with the illicit activities of his father, which continues in the United Arab Emirates.

This military Easter is the first three times: the first time in a coalition government, with a vice president and several openly Republican ministers who have criticized the Crown; the first time with the emeritus in Abu Dhabi, whose departure from the country casts a long shadow on the institution, more present today than the snow that threatens to fall on Madrid. And also the first in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, where health measures ended with the traditional kissing of hands.

The traditional act of this January 6 with the leadership of the armed forces arouses greater interest after the lack of response to letters from these former senior army officials who severely criticized the executive and claimed to defend constitutional order in speaking of and “shooting 26 million motherfuckers” in conversation with other retired soldiers.

The focus will be on the King’s speech at the Royal Palace, after that given by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles. In fact, she was one of the members of the executive who most harshly disavowed the conversations of these commanders, whom she accused of wanting to involve the king in the political debate “by hiding in a military condition and in him. attributing qualities which they do not have, “being retired.

Juan Carlos I, very present

But the king’s speech does not only provide references to the armed forces “of the 21st century” so much mentioned by the executive of Pedro Sánchez. Photos of the emeritus in Abu Dhabi, aided in his walk by two escorts, once again focused on Juan Carlos I and Pedro Sánchez’s announcement of a Crown law.

The president announced this at his last press conference in 2020, even though in recent days there has been talk of specific reforms – such as the delineation of the concept of the monarch’s “inviolability” – instead of a full text that would open the debate on the monarchy or republic in Congress and that this would harm the PSOE.

King Felipe VI made the clearest reference to the investigations which persecuted his father in the Christmas Eve speech: the ethical principles demanded by citizens “oblige us all without exception, above all consideration, even personal or family. “, he said.

And although President Sánchez called these statements “courageous”, the rhetoric was grossly insufficient for many sectors. Among others, the other party in government, United We Can.

The pandemic changes the acts of Easter

At the Military Passover, in addition to the royal family, the President and the Ministers of Defense and Home Affairs will also attend other military authorities, such as the Chief of Defense Staff (Jemad), General Miguel Ángel Villarroya, those of the three armies and the Civil Guard, and the new head of the military hall of the Casa del Rey, General Emilio Gracia Cirugeda.

This year the traditional hand kiss will not take place, the reception at the end of the act is suspended – and the groups that have taken place – and the masks will not be missing. Members of military commissions will follow the act from the Hall of Columns, where kings will pass before entering the Throne Room. And in the formation of the Royal Guard in the Plaza de la Armería, its components will be more distant and with a mask.

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