Femen protest against Vox by shouting “neither vote nor leave to fascism” at the school where Rocío Monasterio votes

The femen demonstrate at the gates of the San Agustín school, in the Madrid district of Chamartín. Several Femen activists demonstrated at the gates of this electoral college. Precisely the same in which the candidate Vox votes for the presidency of the Community of Madrid Rocío Monasterio.

Shouting “to fascism neither vote nor permission” or “it’s fascism, it’s not patriotism”, the three Femen activists protested on polling day shortly before candidate Vox came to exercise her right to vote.

The demonstration ended with the intervention of national police officers who took away the three women. A few minutes later, Monasterio arrived at the electoral college, accompanied by her husband and deputy from Vox Espinosa de los Monteros.

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