“Feminism has taught us that we don’t always have to be the protagonists”


Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 12:03 PM

Published on: 03.16.2021 11:50

Más País leader Íñigo Errejón on Friday defended the candidacy of his partner, Mónica García and, in a message to Pablo Iglesias, argues that men should steer clear in these elections: “Feminism us learned that we don’t always have to be the protagonists. So today here is: let’s go Mónica García, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Thus, the national deputy reaffirms the decision put forward by García that same Friday, in which he claimed to be Más Madrid’s candidate for the presidency of the Community. In this way, he rejects the formula proposed by Pablo Iglesias, who envisaged a joint candidacy with a double vote in the primaries which would decide who would be at the top of the list.

In this sense, sources from Más País told LaSexta that they preferred the announcement to be published by Mónica García herself: “Today Errejón had the usual Tuesday press conference at the Congress of Deputies, but chose to cancel it. If Íñigo comes to a press conference, it is very likely that they will end up putting up images referring to the soap opera “Errejón-Iglesias.” And that’s not it They say.

“It’s not about two gentlemen. Enough of explaining to women or considering them as ‘women of’. We don’t do things like that: there is an address in Madrid and a spokesperson who deserve respect. Feminism has taught us that sometimes it’s better to be silent and not be the protagonist, “insist these sources, in a clear allusion to the message the leader sent on his Twitter account.

Message from Mónica García

“We women have more than demonstrated that we know how to stop the far right without being protected by anyone. We cannot add more spectacle and more testosterone to Ayuso’s frivolity,” the candidate said in a video posted on Twitter.

With this resounding message, in which she defends that Spanish politics “is not a Netflix series”, the candidate justified herself and launched her proposal to change the current government of the Community of Madrid, until now held by the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso: “My name is Mónica García, I am 47 years old, I am a public health doctor and I want to be president of the Community of Madrid. I want to stand for election and be the next president of the Community of Madrid, I want that, I have good ideas and a lot of work behind my back, ”says the candidate.

Garzón replies: “This decision is a mistake”

One of the first members of the government to react to this tour de force by More Country was the current Minister of Consumer Affairs and leader of the United Left, Alberto Garzón, who was particularly harsh with the decision. of his rivals to break free: “This This decision is a notable mistake. Unity is not the answer to everything, but it is a stimulus that allows us to do things differently from 2019: so Ayuso has decided, ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Garzón, “this new occasion demanded unity and humility”, even so, he underlines his good wishes for García: “Having said that, good luck to those who have thought and decided otherwise”, he concludes.

Compromís MP Joan Baldoví also showed his support for Mónica Rodríguez, who favors the candidacy of the MP from Madrid rather than that of the current second vice-president of the government: “If there is anyone one who deserves to be president of Madrid is Mónica García If there is anyone who made real opposition to Ayuso, it is her The force of small but important things every day. Exceeded 5%, 1 + 1 + 1 YES they will add it, ”he said.

Pablo Iglesias, ready to be second, but More Country rejects him

This Monday, the secretary general of Unidos Podemos confirmed in the El Intermedio program that he was ready not to be head of the list for the elections of the Community of Madrid if the formations of the Madrid left were united in a common candidacy , which would not happen predictably. “The name is the least,” he said, not without asserting that he was capable of winning the elections.

In this line, Iglesias exercised his will that Más País, with Mónica García at the helm, join the project of Podemos and Izquierda Unida in the Community of Madrid for the May 4 elections, a decision that led him to abandon the government national.

“Let’s do a few primaries and let the entrants decide the roster from first to last, and if they decide that Monica needs to lead, I’m happy to go in the position that touches me. That can’t be an excuse not to. build that unity, “he proposed. Although the final decision of the formation led by Errejón and, in Madrid, represented by García, ultimately rejects the possibility categorically.

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