feminist movement and unions call for ban on demonstrations for “criminalizing women”

Publication: Friday, March 5, 2021 2:57 PM

Trade unions and feminist movements in Madrid have appealed against the ban on gatherings on March 7 and 8 on International Women’s Day. They consider that the objective of this measure is to “criminalize women”, while other types of events continue to occur.

And it is that after weeks of debates within national and regional governments, José Manuel Franco finally announced that he was banning all the demonstrations proposed for the next few days on the occasion of 8M. Something that did not happen with other types of movements.

The Equality section of UGT Madrid considers it “an unprecedented attack typical of other times” and they want to show their “rejection because they have been working on it for more than six months”. “We find it unacceptable that a concentration of 150 people, with distance and masks, is considered a risk to public health. We are tired of seeing crowded bars,” said Ana Sánchez de la Coba, spokesperson for the Movement. 8M in Madrid.

Claudia Stein, spokesperson for the Feminist Movement in Madrid, went further and assured that “the resolution is political, not legal and lacks legality”. In his opinion, the ban on government delegation “violates the right to assembly and is unconstitutional”.

The feminist movement believes that the measure “violates the right of assembly and is unconstitutional”

He also referred to statements by Vice President Carmen Calvo, who linked the decision to health criteria due to the coronavirus pandemic. “He made it very easy for us. Here in Madrid, all demonstrations were allowed and there were concerts of 5,000 people in closed venues,” Stein said in this regard.

Thus, from the Council of Women of Municipalities of Madrid, they also insisted on the fact that they would present an appeal and asked José Manuel Franco for a rectification because “this outrage cannot be accepted”.

On the other hand, Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Equo and Más Madrid have signed a declaration with several associations in which they express their rejection of this ban. They believe that it responds “to a political question, not health” and stress that “public transport continues to be crowded, the terraces are full and the curfew should be lifted in a short period of time and allow people to trips to other communities at Easter.

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