“Feminists must be exemplary and responsible”

The government has demanded that health recommendations be respected on March 8, Women’s Day, to avoid coronavirus infections. This is what the Minister of Labor declared, who declared: “Feminists must be exemplary and responsible”. “The Ministry of Health advises to respect health standards and that is what must be done”, defended the Minister of Labor in statements to the media before receiving an award from the CCOO in Santiago de Compostela .

Asked about the decision of the Madrid Government Delegation to ban 8M protests, Díaz said that there are “many” ways of demonstrating, “creative”, through which “everyone, allies and allies in the fight for equality “can claim Women’s Day.

“We must exercise our responsibilities, we are in a pandemic and the main thing is public health”, underlined the Minister of Labor, who called on women to “claim rights, by doing different things, compared to” others who do. breaking certain rules. ”

In his opinion, the 8M is a relevant day to continue to assert, “not only that women and men are equal”, but that there is no retreat in acquired rights but always, has- he said, complying with the restrictions set to cope. the pandemic.

The labor manager, like the rest of the executive, will not attend the mobilizations called for March 8 and, if necessary, will spend the day with her daughter, Carmela, born precisely on Women’s Day. “Monday, if I can, I will celebrate my daughter’s birthday,” Díaz said.

Calvo supports suspension of protests in Madrid

For her part, the first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, supported the decision of the government delegation in Madrid to suspend the demonstrations for March 8 in the capital, because, as she said, it is is “a decision weighing on saving lives” and it does not call into question the “feminist and progressive” convictions of the executive.

“We have to make balanced and complicated decisions. The numbers in Madrid, with Ceuta and Melilla, are not the best in relation to the pandemic; it has a point of reflection: not to put health and lives at risk, this which is the first. ”Calvo said in statements to the press after visiting a feminist fresco in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

In this sense, the first vice-president supported the decision of the government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, to suspend all the demonstrations planned by feminism for the day of the woman. “Of all the big events in the world (for 8M), Madrid has been one of them, and that puts us on the right track. So many events were offered that the delegate, with good judgment, said made the conscious decision to protect life, ”he argued.

However, Calvo added that they will abide by what the courts dictate after several feminist organizations appealed for the suspension of the mergers.

Regarding the criticism of the PSOE for said suspension, Carmen Calvo insisted that “there is no dichotomy between a progressive and feminist government overthrown with the 8M and respect for fundamental rights of demonstration”, because “it there is a legitimate concern that, with such serious pandemic figures (in Madrid), we will not make the situation even worse ”.

Thus, he asked citizens who ask to demonstrate that “look at the ICUs how they are and look at the data on infections”. And, indeed, Madrid is the autonomous community with the highest occupation of intensive care beds with more than 40% of them occupied by patients with severe coronavirus.

In addition, until two days ago it was at an extreme level of risk due to its high transmission. “If we had decided this (to suspend protests) across Spain, someone could draw a political conclusion; we did it where the worst numbers of the pandemic lie,” insisted the vice president. .

Despite everything, he encouraged to celebrate and claim the 8M because “the statistics are stubborn”: “They tell us that it is the women who have paid the most for this pandemic”, he said, while adding that “All societies and the democratic state have a long way to go” towards equality.

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