Fernando López Miras will remain president of the region


Publication: Thursday, March 18, 2021 1:49 PM

The Murcia Regional Assembly confirmed what the PSOE and the citizens already feared. The motion of no confidence in the region did not get enough votes to move forward, with 23 votes against, 21 for and one abstention. In this way, the current popular leader, Fernando López Miras, will continue to be the president of autonomy.

Miras was accompanied throughout the morning by the General Secretary of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, who attended with the party spokesperson, Teodoro García Egea, to support the regional leader in this motion which, as the votes l ‘had planned, was doomed to fail.

In this sense, Ana Martínez Vidal, candidate from Ciudadanos to replace the current leader, learned of the difficulty of the results when she received the final “ no ” from the three representatives expelled from Vox, despite the fact that they had initially opened the door to support. movement.

The debacle began to take shape when three other deputies, in this case citizens, decided to change sides and join the PP government. This was the case for Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez, whose vote was essential for the proposal to succeed.

Faced with this final result, Martínez Vidal, who had already assumed during the session that Miras would maintain his position, asked the president to call elections “immediately” if he is “responsible”, so that the Murcians are “the ones who choose “.

At the same time, the Orange policy thanked the PSOE and the Cs for allowing it to present this “constructive” motion in which it “firmly” believes, which has been shown to be “more necessary than ever”, indicates the candidate. Message of rejection to the PP: “The People’s Party has never apologized for its corruption over the past 26 years or for its irregularities in the vaccination process,” he said.

“No matter how many defectors buy, we will never be the same again, we go to the center out of conviction”, according to Martínez Vidal, who believes that the valve that will flood the next elections with votes “has been opened and” the practices Mafia are going to wreak havoc, ”he said.

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