Fernando Simón believes that “it makes good sense” to change the rule on the obligatory outer mask

Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 20:06

Health and Autonomy have pending review of the mandatory nature of the outdoor mask when there is a safety distance, as advanced last week the head of the branch, Carolina Darias. In this regard, Fernando Simón estimated on Monday that modifying this law “is common sense”.

In this sense, the director of the CCAES recalled that the standard published in the BOE last week “did not take into account the distance outside for the use of masks” and assured not to know why “the problem n ‘was not detected “.

However, he said that the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System “is already discussing the matter” and argued that “this Wednesday the minister will probably present a proposal” to the meeting with the Autonomous Communities to proceed “with a modulation of this concrete article “.

“Of course, it is being discussed within the Interterritorial Council to make the proposals that need to be made and to be able to make the changes which, in my opinion, are common sense,” said Simón.

To new questions from the media on the matter, Simón said “this law must be made”, but said he hopes that this “change in the text relating to masks” will be corrected soon.

“I hope, I think this will be corrected in the coming days or that the possibility of modifying it will be discussed in the coming days,” he concluded.

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