Fernando Simón proposes to relax the mandatory use of masks in open spaces before reaching group immunity

Posted: Monday May 31 2021 19:16

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, raised the possibility of relaxing the compulsory use of the mask in open spaces even before reaching 70% of the vaccinated population with a full schedule ; so-called herd or group immunity, a percentage that the government says could be achieved on August 18 or even earlier.

This was what the expert said at a press conference where he reported on the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Spain. “In principle, if everything goes as before, we will achieve this goal rather quickly, and it is possible that even a little earlier the use of masks in certain specific places will no longer be necessary,” said Simon, who has wanted to clarify his words.

“I wouldn’t be talking about taking them out, but about changing their use. It’s something we’re working on, and we’re thinking about the dates.” As to when this approach could be made effective, the senior leader of the CCAES warned that “it must be evaluated with other parameters”, adding that in any case it refers to “open places, to outside, where distances can be maintained “.

At the same time, Simón verbalized that it is possible to start considering “not to use masks in fully vaccinated groups”, taking the case of residences as an example: and proposing, but the problem is that we are talking about amending a law. As he clarified, it “takes” and “the time must be calculated”, without forgetting that “it depends on the evolution of the epidemic in addition to the deadlines for modifying the law and the vaccination campaign. “.

But only on a territory or at the national level? “The differences between the communities are gradually becoming more homogenous,” said Simón, acknowledging that “there will come a time when this proposal will make sense to apply it at the national level”. However, he warned that “if the epidemiological situation is radically different between the Autonomous Communities, it will have to be reconsidered”. Although he has stated that “the evolution indicates that it can be at the national level” and, personally, he believes that it will be possible.

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