Fernando Simón suggests using a mask outdoors could be relaxed “in a few days”

Posted: Monday May 17 2021 19:45

Fernando Simón predicts that the compulsory use of the mask in outdoor spaces could be relaxed in “a few days”. This was underlined this Monday at a press conference, where he stressed that “it is very possible that the exterior in a few days it could be reduced”, although he warned that “we must guarantee that the risks decrease “.

“In a month we will be in the number of vaccinations of our population which puts us in a very favorable situation for the reduction of many measures”, underlined the director of the CCAES, who considers that “some can probably be applied even earlier, so much let them keep the others. “

In this sense, Simón warned that “one measure is reduced does not mean that all are reduced” and stressed the need to “proceed step by step”.

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