Ferraz does not exclude a manager at the Andalusian PSOE if Susana Díaz does not leave the general secretariat in the coming days


Posted: Monday June 14 2021 12:30 PM

The victory of Juan Espadas in the PSOE primaries in Andalusia once again provoked a political earthquake in the ranks of socialism. The mayor of Seville has imposed itself decisively on Susana Díaz in the polls, with 55% of support against 38% garnered by the one who was until now the leader of the PSOE-A. Hours after experiencing the outcome, there is euphoria and some uncertainty in Ferraz, where Espadas’ triumph is openly celebrated, but more so in what appears to be the final end of the main internal rival Pedro Sánchez had. .

Now, on the part of the socialist leadership, they hope and want the transition in the change of leadership to go smoothly and normally. Díaz has already announced this Sunday that he will not renew his post of secretary general, but in Ferraz, they fear that he will entrench himself in the post and will not rule out constituting a director until the celebration of the new congress. party. However, as sources from LaSexta training have indicated, for the moment they prefer to give the now former socialist candidate time to reflect on the result and to step down in the coming days.

Likewise, wants the new leader of Andalusian socialism, who has already warned of the coming changes in the internal structure of the party in the region. “The direction is not discussed,” Espadas said, recalling Díaz’s comments after learning of his loss in the primaries. In the Al Rojo Vivo program, he explained that the next steps consist in “articulating the internal structure of the parliamentary group and the strategy of the opposition so that they respond to this leadership ratified by militancy”.

Just in case, he clarified: “The rest will be matters that we organize internally and there should be no difficulty. A “difficulty” which could generate a temporary bicephaly in the formation in the event that Susana Díaz refuses to resign before the meeting envisaged between the Socialists. Espadas has no doubts: “The PSOE-A has spoken clearly. What we must all do is work to build a united, strong project capable of winning the elections. With a warning: “Anything that is a problem for this goal is not good for the game.”

I hope that Susana Díaz and the whole party will understand the message of the primaries “

“I have no reason to doubt, after the result, that we will all row in the same direction,” he said to avoid different interpretations of what his candidacy and Ferraz want to convey. Thus, he assured that he would stay with Díaz in the coming days “to work on the reorganization of the parliamentary group” with the people “who accompanied him in the candidacy, in accordance with the leadership shown in the results”. By way of conclusion to this question, Espadas confined himself to saying that he is convinced that “both she and the whole party understand the message” launched at the polls.

The certainty he shows of how events will develop within the party after the primaries makes him blunt about the injuries Diaz’s defeat may have opened. Will it be difficult to recover the unit? “It won’t be difficult because we socialists know that when a primary process is over we all have to start working in the same direction. It will be fine.” After questions about what Susana Díaz will do from now on, Espadas has indicated that, for the time being, he will remain mayor of Seville until the new pieces of Andalusian socialism are installed.

New PSOE goals up for grabs in Andalusia

“It is my responsibility towards the Sevillians, and I will continue to develop it at the same time that I will prepare with the militancy and the party the candidacy for when the electoral call will arrive”, justified the leader of Andalusian socialism, noting that they are already prepared “for any of the hypotheses” that may arise in the political future of the territory. However, he acknowledged that if Moreno Bonilla ended the legislature, he would have “more leeway to be able to involve civil society and better connect the messages and proposals” of his candidacy with them.

After the victory in the primaries, the new challenge for Espadas is already well defined: what must the PSOE do to win again in Andalusia and govern? “Regaining the confidence of the socialist voters goes through an important process of participation”, estimates the Sevillian mayor, who underlined: “We will do it in particular with our sister trade union organization, the UGT, and to regain the confidence of important groups of the company . For now, the competition has already started warning Juanma Moreno that “he is the only one affected”.

A message which, of course, has not gone unanswered. The current president of the Junta de Andalucía did not miss the opportunity to congratulate Espadas on his success, although he felt it necessary to remind him of what role he “should” play from now on in the Andalusian parliament: “We think differently , but respect and dialogue must be a constant in politics. Andalusia awaits an opposition capable of concluding agreements for the benefit of Andalusians. Thus begins the new struggle of Juan Espadas, for the moment, with the full support and confidence of the socialist leadership.

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