Festival of agile trends

The year 2020 was marked by uncertainty. However, agile organizations were able to react quickly to adapt to changes and took place in an impossible scenario. What challenges has the year just started for organizations?

With the aim of tackling the main challenges of 2021, from January 25 to 28, the Agile Trends Festival will be held, a free online event sponsored by Banco Santander and supported by many organizations. The aim of the festival is to share and discuss the main challenges for 2021 and how to overcome them through agility and divides its content into four challenges: agile organizations, value and efficiency, product and innovation, and HR and culture.

The Festival will also have the participation of international Agile references such as Keynotes, among which Evan Leybourn, founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; Mary Poppendieck, author of the book Lean Software Development; Paulo Caroli, creator of Lean Inception, Pia Mara Thren, author and founder of Agile People, Sarah Elk, author of Doing Agile Right, and Javier San Flix, Banco Santander SEVP and COO of PagoNxt. The articles will be translated simultaneously into Spanish and English. Registration is free and via the official event website

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