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Good plan French Days 2021: FIFA 21 on Xbox One / Xbox Series X for € 26.99 at Boulanger Published on 05/29/2021 at 5:54 p.m. Ready for Euro 2021? While you are waiting for the kick-off in a little less than two weeks, you can still warm up to FIFA 21. On the occasion of the French Days 21, the Electronic Arts title is seeing its price drop on Xbox consoles.

French Days 2021: Where to Find FIFA 21 on Xbox One / Xbox Series X at the Best Price

To buy the Xbox One / Xbox Series X version of FIFA 21 at the best price, you need to go to Boulanger. The French brand is actually selling the EA title for just € 26.99, down from € 69.99 in normal times. Everyone knows FIFA 21, a series that began in the last century and sells millions of copies each year. This 2021 edition brings together more than 700 teams and nearly 1,700 players for exciting games. The always accessible and profound gameplay can be found in a variety of game modes: lead your club to victory in its career, treat yourself to plays with the clubs of your choice or face the whole world in a row. You will understand, we are facing a must-have that uses Smart Delivery that allows you to play it on Xbox One and download the Xbox Series X version for free. , € 99 instead of € 69.99 at Boulanger French Days: Don’t miss any offers from the event From TomLenders, partner MP

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