Fight against corruption says “PP leaders in government” launched Operation Kitchen

The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office reinforces the thesis that the so-called “operation kitchen” was launched “both by the leaders of the People’s Party in the government and by the leaders of the Ministry of the Interior”.

This is what he underlines in his last letter, to which LaSexta had access, in which he underlines that this is how the progress of the investigation into Luis Bárcenas’ illegal espionage plot emerges.

A thesis which is reinforced after the declaration of Francisco Martínez and the former minister Jorge Fernández Díaz, and which the anti-corruption prosecutors already defended last September.

The procedure carried out, as underlined by the public prosecutor in his letter, reveals how, between 2013 and 2015, a police device was launched from the inside to find out where the ex-treasurer of the PP was hiding “compromising documents” for the party and seniors. accusations of the same, with the aim of removing him and that justice would not have access to him.

To this end, the DAO of the police at the time, Eugenio Pino, reportedly entrusted José Manuel Villarejo and the other investigated commissioners, Marcelino Martín Blas, Andrés Gómez Gordo (head of security of Cospedal while he was president of Castilla-La Mancha) and Enrique García Castaño, that they capture the pilot of Bárcenas to obtain information that would allow them to obtain the compromising documentation.

This, in exchange for “2,000 euros per month, plus the costs and the gift of a pistol, paid from the reserved funds”, as well as facilities for joining the police later.

The aforementioned police officers had not only used these illegally reserved funds, but also, along the way, they would have kept part of these funds, according to the letter from the prosecution, which indicates that “both the financing of an operation and the activities of inherently illegal police, such as the personal enrichment of senior police officials. “

This anti-corruption letter prompted the procedure authorized last week by the judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, to obtain more information on the aforementioned gun, the computer and the payments that were allegedly made with funds reserved in the years it existed. the “operation kitchen”.

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