Files, the UWP file explorer, accesses the Microsoft Store

Yair Aichenbaum has been working for many months on Files, a UWP file explorer for Windows 10 that is finally released today. It is an application with excellent performance and modern design according to the latest Fluent Design style lines.

A file explorer that brings out the colors of Windows 10 … for now

Many advanced Windows 10 users have been demanding a overhaul of File Explorer for years. Although it works well and its functions are endless, it is shocking to see such a “dated” design compared to more modern parts of the operating system.

We now know that Microsoft is working on a major Windows 10 overhaul that will arrive this year with the 21H2 update under the code name Sun Valley. Among all the new features, we will have a significant facelift to File Explorer, which will remain a traditional application and in no way give way to UWP.

Files: Fluent Design, OneDrive integration and tabs

This is where Files can pop his chest. Developed as a UWP app, it’s now available on Windows 10 and Surface Hub, and later also on Windows 10X. Advantages of universality. After extensive collaborative development on GitHub, Yair today released version 1.0 in the Microsoft Store and we invite you to try it on your devices.

It is distinguished first of all by its modern design with a more than correct implementation of Fluent Design. It will be particularly useful compared to Windows 10 File Explorer for those who have a device with a touchscreen. The context menus are beautifully designed and everything is consistent. Even the app icon follows Fluent’s lines!

As for the operation, it surprised me for good. I used a preview version of this app months ago and the improvement is more than obvious. The app opens quickly and everything works as expected, except for an odd flicker and lag when indexing some files (which is sadly familiar with UWP).

The OneDrive integration stands out, which we haven’t lost over the traditional file explorer and shows that UWP can be used to create more complex programs as well. In addition, the application has a feature that will delight users: tabbed browsing. Thanks to them, it will not be necessary to open several Files windows at the same time, but we can navigate the tabs from the top.

An example for the rest of UWP developers. Does the platform have a future?

If there were so many people with the enthusiasm and talent of Yair, everything would be easier for Windows 10 users. Although, in my humble opinion, Files cannot completely replace File Explorer. Windows 10 because of its integrations. in the operating system, it is a very interesting alternative for some users. It will be especially useful for those who have a convertible device or a tablet because of its user-friendly touch.

When it comes to UWP, the app is a living reflection of the reality of the platform. We have perfect scaling, low resource consumption, modern interface, and smooth scrolling. On the contrary, there are some very specific erratic behaviors that we cannot blame the developer but the UWP platform because of their familiarity. Is it true that Project Reunion is the best thing that can happen to Windows applications? Only time will tell. Until then, let’s enjoy UWP and cool developments like Files.

Developer: Yair A

Price: free

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