Filipino worms wash up on the beach: video

In the province of Ilocos Sur, Southeast Asian country of the Philippines, millions of mysterious insects were swept away in the middle of a sea. For this reason, the clear water of the sea turned black. It is said that the incident happened on March 30 at around seven in the evening. The children who played there saw these insects for the first time on the beach. These insects were blue and brown in color and splashed in shallow water a few feet of shoreline.

Some of these insects swept through the waves and made it to the coast. Uncle Carl Robogio, a child who observes the insects, said we didn’t know where these insects came from but the water pushed them towards the coast. He said, “The kids playing there first discovered the bugs and called us to investigate. This is the first time this has happened in our region.

These insects are at least 10 inches long and look like insects with several legs. Karl reported that these insects disappeared from the coast after about 3 hours. They don’t know where these bugs have gone. He said, “Around ten at night when we looked at the bugs, they were gone.” In contrast, fishermen feared that their livelihoods would be threatened by the arrival of these insects.

Local authorities have requested help from fishing experts. “Some local people caught some of these bugs and gave them up for investigation so they can be traced,” an official said. The investigation report has not yet been received by the experts. Meanwhile, local people have been advised not to touch these insects as they can be harmful.

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