Filming incident in the United States today: filming in a store in the United States of new orleans: shooting inside a store in America

New Orleans
On Saturday, a man opened fire at a store in a New Orleans suburb in the United States. Two victims of his bullet were killed and the attacker was also killed in retaliation. The reason for the incident is not yet known. At the same time, due to the dismissal of many people, the matter has become more serious. He is currently under investigation.

Bullets started to enter the shop
The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (law enforcement officer) said the attacker entered the store and shot and killed two people, to which store staff and customers also opened. fire, killing the attacker. Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said the shooting took place around 2:50 p.m. Saturday afternoon at a gun store called Jefferson in a suburb of Metairie.

The sheriff reported that the attacker initially attacked two people inside the store and then others there, opened fire on the gunman from outside and inside the building. Lopinto said two other people were also shot dead and admitted to hospital and their condition was stable. He said several people opened fire on the incident and investigators were investigating the whole affair.

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