Films adapted from video games: Uncharted, God of War … We take stock!

New pictures, confirmed projects, others canceled … In addition to the offer for video games, things are happening. To see a little more clearly, let’s recap the upcoming films and what won’t finally see the light of day! Video game customization is currently on the rise. If two films from flagship video game universes have recently surfaced (Mortal Kombat and Monster Hunter), the future promises even more adaptations of all kinds, whether in the movie or in series. Indeed, the New York Times revealed the long list of video games that would be eligible for filming in the years to come. We’re noticing, of course, Uncharted, slated for February 2022, but also The Last of Us, which has started filming, or an adaptation of the movie Ghost of Tsushima. So good news that is accompanied by others is much less good.

Nothing is planned for God of War

We recently learned that Resident Evil is in the reshoot, which may delay its release. As a reminder, this is a reboot of the film series developed by Paul WS Anderson between 2002 and 2016. On the side of God of War, the idea of ​​seeing the license in the form of a series or film seems to be definitely ruled out. In order to see Kratos on screen again, we must therefore closely monitor Sony’s announcements about his god of war: Ragnarok, about whom we still know little

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