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If you are fans of Microsoft or the software world in general, you surely know the great annual event that represents the Microsoft Build. This is Microsoft’s largest developer-focused annual event. Now, thanks to the well-known Twitter filter “WalkingCat”, we already know the dates and we even have the video presenting the events of the year.

Build 2021 will open to all eyes on Windows 10X and Sun Valley

Source: WalkingCat (Twitter)

As we see in the image above, the dates of the three remaining events this year have been filtered out:

Microsoft Build: May 25-27. Ready for Microsoft: July 21-22. Microsoft Ignite: October 13-14.

It is a very special year for several reasons. The first and most obvious is the COVID-19 pandemic that is hitting the world. The way we interact has changed, and companies the size of Microsoft are no strangers to it. Therefore, construction 2021 and the rest of the events planned for this year will be held at bay, unless the situation improves significantly in the coming months.

The second reason that makes 2021 so special for Microsoft is actually two reasons: Windows 10X and Sun Valley. These two proper names shine in their own light in the near future of the company and are the big bets for Panos Panay for his tenure as head of the Windows division.

– WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_) March 10, 2021

The first of these is a new operating system built from the ground up that is secure and designed to compete with Google’s Chromebooks in the entry-level lineup. The second is the next big Windows 10 update, which will be a big step forward for the operating system, it aims to mark a before and after.

There is no guarantee of any kind that Microsoft will refer to either of these two products during Microsoft Build 2021. This event is for developers and is only for developers. specific moments in the history of the Redmond giant that there were conferences dedicated to the press and the general public. Will this be the year Microsoft returns to this custom?

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