Filtered the new Windows 11 Settings app

Unless there is a change of plan or major surprise, Microsoft will announce on June 24 the new generation of Windows, which will likely be known as Windows 11. And, as often happens in these situations, the leakers have already started to do their job.

Until now, Microsoft has kept all progress with Sun Valley a secret. Indeed, the Insiders have received little news drop by drop that reveals the basis of the immense iceberg that is this project. However, it looks like we’re starting to see the first details.

Windows 11 will launch a renewed setup app

In addition to the aesthetic improvements expected with Sun Valley, Windows 11 will include many other new features, including the renewal of system applications. Among them we find the long-awaited and requested new Settings app.

In this filtered image on Reddit, we see how the new app leaves the categories in the left menu, being able to access the different sections from a large panel in the right area. Of course, we can’t help but notice the new colorful icons that follow the Sun Valley style.

Also, in the upper left part we will see the name of the user and it will indicate whether it is a local account or a Microsoft account. Also, we can see that Redmond will be rearranging some of the categories in Windows 11.

This change is visible, for example, in the “Windows Update” category, which in Windows 10 is called “Update & Security”. Additionally, this category included the “Recovery” and “Problem Solvers” sections, which now fall under the “System” category.

As you can see, it’s not a massive leak, but it kicks off a long-distance race that will end on October 24. Soon after, Microsoft is expected to start releasing trial versions of Windows 11 to the public.

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