Filtered Windows 11 File Explorer Screenshots with Tabs

Windows 11 has already seen the light of day and brought a huge breath of fresh air to the design of the operating system. Microsoft has spared no resources when it comes to revamping many components, including File Explorer. However, quite a few users are disappointed with this latest overhaul, who expected something more “aggressive” and, most importantly, highly sought after tabs. Based on this mysterious leak, Microsoft may be considering hearing your prayers.

Will tabs be integrated into Windows 11 File Explorer?

We must speak about this leak with extreme caution, as it is part of a new Twitter account without any personal information or more tweets than the ones we are attaching below. It seems clear that the account was created solely and exclusively to perform this leak (or deception, if your intentions are not good).

There will be tabs in the file explorer. Not soon, but there will be. To be patient. #Microsoft #Windows # Windows11

– Swan (@ Swan88047750) July 19, 2021

What’s funny is that the first images this user shared are photographs of a PC screen, not screenshots (so they’re much more complicated to forge, although far from impossible. ). Here is the message accompanying the tweet: ‚ÄúThere will be tabs in File Explorer. It won’t be soon, but there will be. Be patient.

The user seems to point out that the tabs will not reach the Windows 11 file explorer during this first version but that they could arrive later (with Windows 11.1 or even Windows 12). If anything, that seems to mean Microsoft is exploring this possibility.

Several details emerge from the shared captures. The first is the design of the tabs, which obviously doesn’t match the modern Explorer interface at all. The user himself is aware of this, and in the following tweet he inserted a screenshot that looks like a recreation of what those tabs would look like with a more Windows 11 styled design.

Tabbed layout possible in Windows 11 File Explorer | Twitter: @ Swan88047750

There is another detail that could indicate that we are facing a real leak. The new Mica Material effect seems to be applied to more surfaces than in the current explorer. Specifically, we see it around the address bar and in the left sidebar.

And you, what do you think of this leak? Do you think Microsoft is really exploring this concept or do you think it is a “joke” from this mysterious Twitter user?

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