Finally, Microsoft Teams will allow you to quote messages in channels and chats.

We were already telling you the other day about some of the features that will be coming to Microsoft Teams during the months of March and April. But, there are still some features that deserve a separate mention. These types of features are so long overdue that they are adopted by the community. The ability to quote certain posts was in high demand by the Teams community in Windows 10.

In April, you’ll be able to quote posts in Teams

The reality is that the way we had to do it now was to respond very quickly or respond by mentioning the person involved or use our smartphone. Now we’ve learned from Dr Windows that the Redmond giant is going to improve the overall Teams experience by adding the ability to quote, more emoji options, and more.

In April we will be able to reply and quote specific messages in a chat or channel. This makes it easier to put each post into context, especially in group chats with many people. This feature was available in Teams for smartphones, but it hadn’t arrived on the desktop.

In addition, it will offer new emojis that will allow us to be more expressive and fun within Teams. So, we went from 85 emojis to more than 800. We can choose the skin tone, the category and a shortcut for the emoji selector.

Finally, Microsoft will allow support for third-party signatures for document approval. We can use Adobe Sign or Docusign with the new approval app.

All of these characteristics, as well as those mentioned the other day, are expected to arrive between the end of this month and the next. But if there were any issues, they might be slightly delayed. We love to see how Teams continues to grow and respond to user requests and the ability to quote will certainly be highly applauded by users.

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