Financial Technicians see the call for public employment for the AEAT insufficient

Financial Technicians see the call for public employment for the AEAT insufficient

The Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (GESTHA) deem the call for public employment for the AEAT insufficient when it comes to alleviating pension losses in the years to come, despite the fact that the offer approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers or in total. 8.5% more than last year.

More specifically, finance technicians warn that between 2021 and 2023, the election year, 2,017 people will retire, a situation that will worsen over the next two legislatures during which 5,797 and 5,726 other employees will take respectively their retirement. In other words, by 2031 54.2% of current AEAT staff will have retired.

For technicians, this baby boom situation can be dramatic for the fight against fraud if more experienced people cannot pass on to new entrants their knowledge of common fraudulent practices in different economic sectors and the skills to discover them.

The OECD puts us in the queue

At the same time, Gestha underlines that Spain occupies the penultimate position in the ranking of the number of employees in European tax administrations, in relation to the total population and the working population, according to the latest report of the tax administrations of OECD 2019.

In fact, each tax employee in Spain has a potential burden of between 632 and 706 citizens more than the weighted average in the EU-27 and the Euro-19 area, respectively.

Likewise, the OECD in its 2019 report points out that the Spanish tax administration is one of the oldest in the world, noting that only 20% of its employees are under 45 years old.

This situation of aging of the staff of the State Financial and Tax Administration places Spain in the penultimate position of the oldest ranking of the 23 countries of the EU 27 for which information is available.

In this sense, Gestha criticizes the AEAT for the lack of attention to so many red flags, and that it is not more ambitious to return in the short term to the historical maximum level of 27,918 employees reached in 2010, settling for a loss of 2,518 people.

The lack of purpose came to the law against tax fraud

Technicians argue that in order for us to equate to European weighted averages, Spain will need to have between 15,000 and 17,500 additional staff to halve the size of the submerged economy in our country, which requires annual EPO calls. regularly. progressive over 8 to 10 years.

Gestha also criticizes the AEAT for its position against the sixth additional provision of the law on measures against tax fraud, according to which the Government must plan in six months the Public Employment Offers to equip the workforce ratio in eight years. compared to the number of taxpayers to the European average to the AEAT, to the General State Intervention, to the Economic Administrative Courts and to the General Directorate of Cadastre.

In Gestha’s opinion, the closure of the AEAT Directorate is in contradiction with its own Strategy 2020-2023, in which it recognizes that “if the staff of the Tax Agency were to increase by 19% or 21% compared to Currently in 2017, the date to which the OECD data refer, the number of employees should range between 29,931 and 30,434 employees “.

According to him, the lack of finality of this closure of the AEAT led the Socialist parliamentary group in Congress to oppose this measure, and the Senate to abstain, despite which it was approved thanks to the favorable vote of the rest of the political groups in the Senate.

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