Find out about the financing problems of freelancers and entrepreneurs and how to solve them

Find out about the financing problems of freelancers and entrepreneurs and how to solve them

From Leyton, a consulting firm specializing in the financial performance of entrepreneurs and companies dedicated to R & D & i, environment and sustainable economy, it is said that 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs and projects do not know how face this new scenario of subsidies and aids. Many of them need follow-up and support in order to benefit from the savings made through existing tax deductions and subsidies, as well as private aid that can be granted and requested.

In the perspective of this new year, and after a year 2020 marked by the economic crisis caused by the health situation, access to aid, both public and private, will be essential so that entrepreneurs can continue their activities and projects in the coming months. Therefore, not only will be necessary, but also know how to manage it and make it a lifeline so that the project can open and improve the company’s income statement.

This aspect acquires, if possible, more importance given the data that the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) revealed in the January barometer. This report shows that 36.6% of freelancers requested some form of aid or funding in 2020, adding that nearly 400,000 freelancers and entrepreneurs need funding to carry out their projects and that they plan to apply. throughout 2021. figures, it seems essential that those who benefit from any kind of aid know not only how, when and where to ask for it, but also how to shape this new financing in order to obtain a real effective return for businesses. . and entrepreneurial businesses.

This adviser can make it possible not only to take advantage of external assistance, but also to combine it with internal capital and the possibilities available to it. If within the capital obtained, an unknown saving is implemented by the companies, the performance can be multiplied and help to face unfavorable situations like those experienced this year. However, as Leyton reports, without proper advice, it seems difficult. This is why 70% of independent entrepreneurs need this advisory and support function.

It is in this sense that Leyton’s function is essential. Since arriving in Spain in 2014, Leyton Iberia has advised and worked with many companies that have been able to access various aids and funding, both public and private, thanks to his facilitation work.

An example that we find within these 7 out of 10 companies that seek advice is that of Taruga Creaciones, which was entrusted to Leyton to enhance and improve its operational performance and thus succeed in combining an improvement in the operation of its own resources. with access to various aids. In this way, this Valencian Start-Up ensured that the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 did not affect them: “If we had not been with Leyton, we would not have had the ability to anticipate problems of the Covid or of the cash flow problems that it supposes or can suppose the possible selective confinements and the fears of the consumer ”, assures its CEO, David Murcia.

Another very similar success story with Leyton’s advisor is that of ngel Goya and his “Camarero 10” project. “From the start, they put their team to work with us to see the most suitable grants and credits, they helped us obtain public funding in the form of crowdfunding before the health crisis”. A case that shows how key Leyton is in finding opportunities for the new entrepreneurial profile and the help he can provide to carry out projects despite the current difficult situation.

If anything is going to stand out in 2021, that’s what companies are doing with the help they receive. Not only their access, but the benefits they get from it, where the turning point is in a good job of consulting that allows entrepreneurs to get a better performance from their projects, helping them to be part of the percentage that can increase or maintain your activities for the next twelve months.

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