Find out how to create a PowerPoint from a Word file

PowerPoint presentations are not a simple item. On the one hand, we seek dynamism and go beyond simplicity, on the other hand we seek not to overwhelm with too much information on the screen for the audience to listen to us and not read us. In addition, we need to synthesize a multi-page Word or PDF file into a few slides. Now Word will make this task easier.

Word will allow us to create presentations from a text file

Currently, the ability to create PowerPoint presentations through a simple Word document is being tested. This feature is tested first, with Insiders reaching Word Insiders first on the web.

The magic happens with the new Transform feature, it will create a presentation based on our sections of the document that can add images, videos, icons, themes and fonts via AI. If you want to try it out, we’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

Open the document you want to turn into a presentation in Word Online. Click File> Transform> Convert to PowerPoint Presentation. When prompted, we need to choose a topic. Click Open Presentation to view the result via PowerPoint Online. The PowerPoint presentation will be saved in the OneDrive folder that we have available for such use.

At this time, we haven’t found this option in Word Online although we are in the Word Online Insider program. We understand that this is a gradual rollout and that we will be able to use this new functionality very soon.

We love the way Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to make Office better. The function of “throwing” the elements in a PowerPoint and doing all the design is a perfect use of artificial intelligence in the Office suite. We hope to see more apps in Office very soon.

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