Find out how to fight the sedentary telecommuting lifestyle with yoga

The telework imposed by the pandemic has seriously affected our quality of life, increasing the level of stress and increasing the sedentary lifestyle already established in the Spanish population. The new working arrangements pose a challenge to cope with the substantial reduction in physical activity which means not having to move around the workplace or make efforts related to meetings in different areas of the office, to visits to customers, to travel for paperwork. Bureaucratic. .

“During the imprisonment we spent more hours sitting in front of the computer since we were at home, we were always available, but also with bad posture because most of us neither have the table , neither the chairs, nor the adequate screens. All of this coupled with a greater reliance on our mobile phones, devices which in themselves do not help to have good posture, ”explains Luca Liencres, founder of, the first online yoga studio in Spanish. .

To all this scenario, we must add the continuous closures of gymnasiums and sports centers due to the health emergency. In this context, launched the ‘After-work Program’, a program loaded with specific yoga exercises to recover after a long day of work, take care of the posture and exercise the body.

“These are full classes of about 45 minutes that aim to give our body a break and leave it looking like new after a long day. Each class aims to release stiffness in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, neck and back, allowing the whole body to relax, ”explains Luca Liencres. Additionally, the yoga expert points out that “the good thing is that classes can be held on time and from anywhere you want.”


Yoga is one of the best sports for feeling good inside and out. Maybe the best. On the other hand, many people do not practice it because they do not know what type of yoga to start with (vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha …), nor how it can improve their physique (abs, back, arms, shoulders, legs. ..), or where to do it.

In the United States, 37 million people practice yoga, a figure with an annual growth of 50%, while practicing it at home is in the Top 5. Today there are many applications in English, but the language barrier means that they are not requested by Spanish yogis. That is, in our country it is estimated that there are already 1.1 million people practicing yoga and the growth forecast is very high.

In this scenario, on, which already has over 1000 students enrolled, users will be able to find various challenges, as well as free online introductory courses and other more specific premium content and streaming courses:

Yoga challenges: 7 challenges with several consecutive days of classes with the same intention. The bikini operation challenge or the morning yoga challenge are just a few examples. Online Classes: Participants will be able to attend over 70 elective classes depending on the type of yoga, time available, level, body focus, intensity and teacher. Streaming lessons: live lessons, to train at the same time with other yogis and, in addition, once the camera is on, the teacher will be able to help his students in real time. “In the streaming courses, we became 150 yogis at a time. The energy created is impressive, even greater than a class in a face-to-face yoga studio. And not only, in the online courses, there are already nearly 1,000 registered students, ”emphasizes Luca Liencres.

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