Find out how to implement effective compensation policies in companies

Endalia, a company specializing in talent and people management through human resources consulting, software and outsourcing, will organize a webinar on April 29 entitled: “How to implement effective compensation policies?”, Taught by Esmeralda Aleixandre, Commercial Director of Endalia with extensive experience in the field.

The webinar, which will be free and live, is aimed particularly at human resources professionals and profiles in positions of responsibility. The session will focus on providing a broad and practical overview of designing and implementing an effective compensation plan in an organization. And, of course, in how a good model of compensation processes and policies impacts at the organizational level, boosting employee and company performance.

The content of the webinar will be as follows:

Objectives of a compensation plan. Overview of the process for establishing effective compensation policies. Organizational model: families, functions and positions. Compensation model: professional levels and salary scales. Compensation policies and processes. Deployment of the model. Compensation management tools.

Thus, the main objectives of this webinar are that after the session, participants have a broad and practical view on the key points of a compensation plan. They will be able to apply the knowledge acquired to their specific cases to design or rethink their compensation models. Likewise, they will know the benefits and impact of implementing effective compensation policies, as well as the optimal tools to manage their process and deployment in a company.

Those interested in the subject can register for free at the following link.

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