Find out how to promote the digitalization of the work environment from HR

Without a doubt, digitization has become one of the major trends in this new reality. And no, it’s not because of the coronavirus, even if the pandemic has a good share of responsibility in promoting digital transformation, a digital transformation that has already been taking place, step by step, for years … even decades. This digitization, digital transformation, virtualization … call it what you want, it also affects companies, work and human resources.

For this reason, the digitalization of the working environment must be a priority for those responsible for the management of people because it not only allows to optimize the tasks and extract more performance and productivity, but also to enhance the human factor, to help people achieve more of their work goals. efficiently and effectively. For this reason, the digital transformation of the workspace as well as the employee experience is more necessary than ever. Essential.

We will talk about it again on Thursday 11 February during the webinar ‘How to boost your Digital Workplace: agile methodologies for the digital employee experience’, organized by The Digital Workplaces, Knowdital and RRHHDigital. They will see the keys on how they can promote the digitization of the working environment from the field of human resources and using agile methodologies.

In fact, The Digital Workplaces is the first certification for digital workplaces that recognizes companies’ efforts to digitize their employee experience. For this reason, only starting the audit process to obtain The Digital Workplace label encourages companies to promote their digitization and to optimize the use they give to technology. In addition, obtaining the certificate is a great recognition of the work of the company in terms of digital transformation of the employee experience and his workspace, something essential in a context as virtual as today. .

The virtual meeting will take place next Thursday, February 11, from 12 noon to 12:40 pm Click here to register.

Click here to register for the webinar ‘How to Boost Your Digital Workspace: Agile Methodologies for the Digital Employee Experience’

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