Find out how to set up your Surface Pro X with an eSIM in minutes

Thanks to the folks at Ubigi, one of two vendors preinstalled on the Surface Pro X, it’s easy to connect anywhere. ESIMs allow us to have 4G and 5G coverage without needing to insert a SIM card or configure anything. We used Ubigi, but you can set up the Surface with any carrier.

Configuring Surface Pro X with Ubigi

The Surface Pro X, as soon as we take it out of the box, includes an app called Mobile Maps. As soon as we open it, it allows us to set up and connect to an internet connection. Obviously, we don’t need an internet connection for this process.

The steps are very simple and come down to creating an account and choosing the plan that best suits our needs. After that, we will just have to put our payment information and it will be ready. A very simple process to have data whenever we need it.

In addition, Windows 10 performs a metered-use connection check. This way, we will know in one click the cost of the data we are transporting or what we have left in our tariff. Another plus is that Windows 10 adapts to our connection and turns off syncs to keep our data throughput from disappearing in the blink of an eye.

We can only blame that we don’t have more options by default, but the reality is that the Ubigi service works wonderfully. It’s fast, simple and efficient for those times when we need an internet connection and our smartphone can’t help us. Designed for all those for whom mobility is part of their daily life and who does not want to carry more than with their tablet. A great addition to LTE on the Surface Pro X that we had not yet tested.

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