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Digitization, a vital lever for HR: find out how it can help companies

The onset of the pandemic and the looming crisis that ensued has generated a new social and professional environment of uncertainty in the face of the “ new reality ”, however, there is one sector that has been pleasantly benefited, and which today has achieved a key role in the labor market: the digital sector, digitization in all its glory.

And is that, although the digital transformation was already well advanced, the arrival of COVID-19 allowed it to reach its peak, a climax in which technology and automation became big protagonists of today at all levels. And the HR sector has been directly involved in this trend, thus making it a priority for these departments to use technology to optimize and improve the performance and well-being of their employees, the whole process of people management and therefore , therefore, the advantage A digitized HR management will be the key between success and failure in the new reality and will become a vital lever for the company.

For this reason, Personio andRRHHDigital are organizing the webinar “How Digitization Can Help Businesses Manage HR” on Thursday April 8th from 10am to 11am. In it, the keys will be given on how the digitization of people management should be developed and what are the benefits of digital transformation in the sector. Above all, he will try to value technology, but always being aware that people are the biggest influence on the success of any business. Therefore, maintaining the human factor and the importance of people is essential even in the midst of digital transformation.

This digital meeting will have Pablo Corman, Personio HR Solutions Specialist, as keynote speaker and Adrin Gonzlez, Editor-in-Chief of RRHHDigital, will accompany him in the moderation tasks. Of course, the webinar will have a final space for questions from participants.

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