Find out the top reasons why businesses are turning to outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is a mechanism used by companies to improve their competitiveness. Companies delegate certain functions to an external service provider that go beyond their own work, in particular specialist or technical matters. Outsourcing transfers not only services but also information and data which is an asset and a key operational element for companies, hence confidentiality, integrity and accountability are necessary to carry out the work.

The advantages of using this trend are obvious: the guarantee to provide quality services tailored to needs, the ability to respond in a timely and appropriate manner, being at the forefront through specialization and knowledge of the company under contract, increased activity and reduced costs.

Hasten Group points out that many companies resort to outsourcing which cannot cope with economic costs, lack of specialized personnel or lack of renewal. The main reasons are:

– The constant technological updating means that companies do not have the necessary financial means to provide an effective response and choose to call on a specialized third party with specialized professional services for new technologies.

– Reduction of costs, sometimes to guarantee certain services, they have to invest more than if they outsource them because companies save the costs related to hiring, training, infrastructure or technology. In turn, since this is a fixed cost, it is easier to establish a better forecast and detailed planning of it without estimating unforeseen events.

– Lack of adequate specialized personnel to guarantee the provision and maintenance of the service, the lack of professionals specialized in new technologies testifies to the need to hire them so that the company can focus on its activity and avoid losing it by wanting cover other areas and end up wasting your financial and human resources. If you focus on your business, your business will improve.

– And finally, the guarantee on the quality of the services, by leaving certain services in the hands of a specialized company, their quality is a plus which will result in an increase in their productivity in terms of agility, resources, operability. and efficiency.

In addition, security is not a trivial matter, companies must guarantee their confidentiality and integrity. Fortunately, computer attacks against a business do not happen very often, but they do require having their own IT security team, trained personnel, and for that they need investment and maintenance. Delegating this task to a company specializing in security allows access to up-to-date infrastructures which otherwise you will not be able to or will incur a very high cost. In short, information security is now a reality and all businesses need and must ensure that their data is protected, so it’s a need that every business will sooner or later have to have.

Each company needs services and solutions adapted to its situation, Hasten Group knows it, a leading consulting firm in technological efficiency, specializing in the development of multiplatform applications with an agile methodology whose objective is to offer customers the best business solutions adapted to each situation. . The consulting firm supports its clients in their innovation and digital transformation processes. Not only does he guide his clients, but he also supports them throughout the development, implementation and maintenance of innovation and digital transformation processes.

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