Find out what are the skills of the future and how to acquire them

Continuous learning and updating of knowledge will be essential to adapt to the changes that will occur in the labor market of this decade. This is underlined by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, which maps the jobs and skills most in demand in the immediate future.

The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing digitization and automation of different professions are the reasons for the change widely pointed out by the organization which will push professionals to train again. And this gives very significant data: 50% of the workforce will have to retrain in 2025 to adapt to the new, deeply digitized work environment.

One of the areas that offers the best employment prospects is programming. In fact, Spain will need around 300,000 professionals in this sector according to Manpower. In this way, the bootcamp-type courses of Wild Code School, the technology school that cultivates today’s digital talents and founded by Anna Stepanoff, are the right tool for intensive and high-quality training in the most short notice (5 months). The school thus guarantees that integration into the labor market is practically immediate.

Programming, the most remarkable skill

Knowing how to program and having knowledge of the digital environment is at the top of the list of skills that are expected to rise in importance over the next five years, according to the World Economic Forum. All of this combined with the emergence of new personal self-management skills, such as active learning, endurance, stress tolerance and flexibility.

In this sense, Wild Code School offers intensive full-time and part-time courses in which its students learn to manage and develop their creativity in problem solving and their ability to work in a team. About 90% of the more than 3,500 “Wilders” – as they describe themselves – who completed the course are now working in technology, with some employees even before they complete their course.

In order to learn and train skills, the World Economic Forum report states that virtual education platforms will play a major role, as the pandemic has accelerated the trend towards online conversion. Wild Code School completed its training process via the Internet with a dynamic, highly creative and totally remote working environment, using tools such as video conferencing seminars, online discussion panels with industry experts and real projects. . provided by companies. Career preparation is also included in the course, and all students create a portfolio on Github that potential employers can view. The course also incorporates a Hackathon – a meeting of programmers whose goal is collaborative software development.

Wild Code School is committed to professionals and companies to meet the need for preparation of the former and the growing demand for talent of the latter. In Spain there are at least 10,000 vacancies in the technology sector due to lack of qualification and, according to the Association for Digitization in Spain (DigitalES), until 2022 the digitization process will promote the creation of more than 1,200,000 jobs in the country. Therefore, without a doubt, it will have to be recycled. To do this, and in a few months, Wild Code School trains professionals who are operational and adapted to technological changes thanks to the practical approach and the real projects that the students carry out during their training.

A new training session will begin on March 1st, if you want more information, visit this link to request it.

In short, the work environment is evolving towards digitalization, more accelerated by the pandemic, which requires new skills that must be acquired and reinforced with dedication and enthusiasm. As Steve Jobs said, persistence is half of what separates successful professionals from those who are not.

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