find out what happened behind the cameras at the HR Hybrid Forum

Here’s how a hybrid event works: Find out what happened behind the cameras at the HR Hybrid Forum

On October 22, a totally innovative event took place in the HR sector and the business world. The HR Hybrid Forum was held in a hybrid format, with a face-to-face and a virtual part, with the intention of guaranteeing maximum security for all those involved in the congress and of going further into the era. innovation and digitization. .

Through the congress image gallery, you can see how a hybrid event unfolds and everything that happened behind the “ cameras ”: organization of tables, participation of speakers, virtual networking space, measures of hygiene and safety during the event. Event…

The HR Hybrid Forum, the face-to-face part of which was held last Thursday in the Rastro Madrid space, has E as main sponsor, Gi Group as Gold Sponsor Plus, Cigna, Personioy Nationale Nederlanden as gold sponsors, ISDI, Cobee , Pleo, Incipyy Compass Group / Eurest as silver sponsors and TAD Producciones, Digital workspaces, Coca Cola, Espacio Rastro Madrid and Barn de Salamanca as bronze sponsors. In addition, Coonices the official event agency, BMW Madrides the official car and Eventing and LG are technology sponsors. The Hybrid HR Forum is organized by HRHDigital, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH), institutional sponsor of the congress.

Discover the HR Hybrid Forum gallery!

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