Find out what will be the five most requested professions of tomorrow

Hotmart, a global tech company and market leader in digital products, has compiled a list of some of the best bets for professions of the future, based on a market demand analysis.

The labor market is constantly changing, mainly due to technological development. Although this is already a reality before the Covid-19 pandemic, the pandemic context has further accelerated this development and the use of new technologies. Thus, in recent years, while certain professions were directly doomed to disappear, giving way to new ones, others have had to evolve and reinvent themselves.

At Hotmart itself, 37% of positions in 2021 are expected to be professionals in tech fields (programmers, data analysts and scientists, UX and UI designers, information security analysts, etc.). The second place is occupied by the positions of professionals linked to the digital market (business advisers and marketing professionals) which represent 23% of the positions.

According to Hotmart’s forecast, the most demanded professions in the coming years will be:


These professionals are already on the rise and everything suggests that they will continue to do so in the years to come. It is these specialists who disseminate and sell knowledge through internet content, also known as digital influencers, who wield a total domain of social media. Knowledge of video, image and sound editing or copywriting is particularly valued in this field and it is very likely that, to enter this market, each creator must master each of these skills to a certain extent.

Digital Marketing Professionals

The digital world and the global market have given new life to marketing and digital marketing, today it is considered a priority axis of development. Professionals who wish to develop a career in this field should be experts in tools and techniques such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO, and email marketing.

Big Data Specialists

Currently, with the Internet, a huge amount of data is stored and managed around the world. Big Data specialists are essential in this field, as they are responsible for organizing and interpreting data of various kinds and subsequently transforming it into important information applicable to specific needs and problems.

Environmental engineer

Climate change is now more visible than ever and a concern for society as it seeks to reverse the negative impact that this change has had over the years on the planet. Thus, the great responsibility of these professionals is to reconcile technology and the environment, to create new environmental management systems and solutions with a view to sustainable development.

Mental health specialists

Never in the world has there been so much talk of mental health as today and all labor market forecasts indicate that related professions (psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) will continue to have a clear demand. growing.

Hotmart offers anyone looking for a niche in the future job market the opportunity to become a designer, the first job on its list of jobs of the future, by creating digital products such as ebooks, online courses, podcasts, online events and other formats. Find out how to get into this market and create your first digital product here.

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