Find out what’s coming to Teams in March and April

For years, but with a special focus on the past year, Microsoft has made Teams better every month. It didn’t matter to us before, but now it has become the epicenter of our work. That’s why the Teams team has already planned new features that will arrive during the months of March and April. Let’s find out what the team of this application is working on.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams in March and April

Very interesting news will come in Teams and what users have been asking for. We are going to see them all and we will explain them a bit so that you know what this news is about.

Group room timer

With this feature, organizers will be able to set a timer for group rooms. Once this period has elapsed, the rooms will be closed and participants will return to the main meeting.

This is especially important in the classroom. It allows you to create workgroups for a period of time and have these groups end after a specific period of time. This new feature will arrive during the month of March.

Permanent assignment of the room

As in the previous function, faced with recurring meetings, it can be interesting that the different groups are always the same. It encourages well-functioning groups to continue working together.

The organizer will have full control to move participants between the different rooms and the main meeting. This feature is expected to arrive sometime in March. Its launch should be imminent.

Skip the waiting room

This option, which will arrive in Teams during the month of March, will allow companies to set a new policy. Employees will be able to skip the waiting room while users outside the organization wait before being admitted.

Within a company, it does not make sense that workers should wait in the lobby or in the waiting room. This makes it easier for the host to grant access to the meeting in question.

Supervised chats for users

Administrators may have a policy to ensure that students are supervised by a teacher during personal discussions or group discussions. With supervised chats, students will not be able to talk in chats without the supervision of an educator.

This is a great feature for teams in education. Ensure students behave appropriately and avoid possible bullying and other problems that may arise. This feature will be available in classrooms in April.

Present from PowerPoint in Teams

When this option is enabled, users will be able to present their PowerPoint work directly from PowerPoint for Windows using the PowerPoint Live feature. This new feature is expected to arrive in Microsoft Teams in April.

These are the most important features of Microsoft Teams. Small improvements that will make working with the application more dynamic and even natural. It never ceases to amaze us that Microsoft is always finding new ways to improve its services.

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