Find out which are the highest paying job profiles

CFO, Analyst, Chief Data Officer… these are some of the highest paid job profiles today. This is corroborated in the Spring Professional Guide of the Labor Market 2021 in which the most demanded and highest paid positions in the labor market are analyzed.

The guide specifies that the salary varies according to professional experience and sector of performance, however, some of the highest paid profiles are concentrated in the legal and financial fields.

Among the most requested profiles are the financial director, auditor or controller and accountant in corporate financial services. A CFO can earn around 61,000 euros per year on average if he works in a multinational. Besides, the figure of the auditor or director of the treasurer, who can earn between 52,000 and 58,000 euros per year on average.

Another of the highest paid professionals in the financial field is the financial controller or the head of administration and accounting. The Guide estimates that these professionals earn an average salary of between 39,000 and 43,000 euros per year. It is monitored by the accountant or the external auditor, who can earn an annual salary of between 38,000 euros and 30,000 euros.

In the legal field, the highest paid profile is the partner with a client portfolio. It is estimated that he can charge up to 200,000 euros gross per year. Following him, professionals such as the business lawyer and the financial and capital markets expert. The average annual salary of these professionals is 56,000 euros.

The tax lawyer and the real estate expert also receive generous remuneration. Professionals who occupy these positions can receive up to 52,000 and 50,000 euros respectively in average annual salaries.

On the other hand, in the insurance sector, the highest paid profile in Spain is that of the commercial director or KAM. This professional can receive 80,000 euros gross per year if he exceeds ten years of experience in a multinational.

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