Find out which companies are most committed to diversity and inclusion in Spain


Find out which companies are most committed to diversity and inclusion in Spain

Indra, Danone, Pepsico and SAP, the winners of FactorW Diversity Summit2020 organized by INTRAMA

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 16 November 2020

INTRAMA, a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in Training, Consulting and the organization of professional events on Diversity and Gender, awarded the INTRAMA prizes as part of the fifth edition of the FactorW Diversity Summit, which takes place is held November 11-12, 2020.: TOP DIVERSITY COMPANY.

These awards have several objectives:

Serve as an element of prestige and recognition of excellence in the management of diversity, equality, inclusion and reconciliation in the company. Make companies aware of the importance and benefits of good practices in terms of diversity and inclusion. Reward innovation in the creation and development of diversity and inclusion management departments. Recognize the commitment of companies in the process of inclusion and promotion of women to managerial positions in the company. Promote the development and retention of female talents in the company. Recognize the most outstanding professionals in spreading the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Vicente Marcos, Managing Director of INTRAMA, awarded the different prizes virtually in the different categories.

TOP DIVERSITY COMPANY. The most innovative and committed companies with processes to improve diversity and inclusion in one of its aspects. Categories:

TOP GENDER DIVERSITY COMPANY: INDRA. Received the award from Katia Muoz, responsible for employee experience. TOP GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY COMPANY: DANONE. Sara Castro, Director of Human Resources, received the award. TOP DIVERSITY COMPANY FOR DISABLED PEOPLE: PEPSICO. The award was collected by Beln Moreu, Director of Human Resources. TOP LGBTI DIVERSITY COMPANY: SAP. Alba Herrero, Director of Human Resources, received the award.

PROFESSIONAL DIVERSITY AWARD. Awarded to professionals most committed to the improvement and importance of diversity and inclusion in the company. This edition, the prize was awarded to Uxio Malvido, Director of Human Resources for Europe at ARRIVA GROUP.

WOMEN’S INSPIRA AWARD. Awarded by INTRAMA to a woman for her professional career, her human quality and her involvement in diversity. This edition, the prize was awarded to Concha Lagela, responsible for the internal development area of ​​CORREOS.

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