Find out which companies have been recognized for their good practices in raising awareness and managing generational diversity

Find out which companies have been recognized for their good practices in raising awareness and managing generational diversity

The Generation & Talent Observatory this morning organized the III Generation Awards ceremony, which recognizes good practices in raising awareness and managing generational diversity in organizations.

In the third edition of these awards, announced by the Observatory of Generations and Talents, with the collaboration of Generali, Naturgy and Sandoz Farmacutiva, and the technical support of[e], the following companies have been recognized: Danone, DKV, Ilunion, SGS, Coca Cola and Ecoembes, in their two categories, Inside and Outside Company.

The first category recognizes organizations that have promoted practices to improve the management of generational diversity within their own organizations and whose beneficiaries are for their employees.

For its part, the External Company category is intended for organizations that have promoted practices aimed at improving awareness, promotion, dissemination or research on generational diversity, outside the organization itself.

“These awards aim at the recognition, dissemination and reputation of good practices in terms of awareness, training and innovation in the management of generational diversity. the type, size or location of the organization, ”explains Ngeles Alczar, Managing Partner of the Generation & Talent Observatory. “Managing generational diversity is nothing more than the promotion of talents regardless of their age,” he emphasizes.

“Generational diversity is precisely the raison d’être of the GT Observatory to help companies in their management, and to positively impact the commitment and talent of their employees and the sustainability of their companies”, adds Elena Cascante, partner manager of Generation & Talent Observatory.

Category Inside Company First Prize, DANONE

The first prize in this category was awarded to Danone and its “DanM @ tch – Growing Together” initiative, launched in the company with the objectives of promoting connection between employees, exchanging knowledge and experiences; promote diversity and openness between different generations and sectors of activity; and encourage collective intelligence towards the concept of a learning organization.

The initiative was developed through a web application, at the request of employees, where knowledge is exchanged. This collaborative platform

It functions as a “time bank” based on the reciprocity of the hours invested, and promotes networking beyond the employee’s usual circle.

According to Sandra Moreu, HR Director of Danone’s Specialized Nutrition division, “As a B Corp company, betting on the promotion of generational diversity is in our DNA as a company. With Danmatch, we want to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills. . with our Danoners, but also to reinforce the spirit of collaboration and teamwork which characterizes us and makes the difference. “

The second prize was awarded to DKV Seguros for an intra-entrepreneurial project within the senior group. The objective is twofold: to involve seniors in innovation projects and to connect the different generations in an innovative creation process. “The senior can be involved as a mentor, as an expert or as an evaluator”, explained during the award ceremony Juan Manuel Chicote, director of the people department. Chicote was accompanied by Francisco Pea, a technician from the same department who emphasizes that “this project is part of our overall strategy to promote diversity between the generations of the company”

The third prize in the Inside Company category rewards two projects “Acompame” from Ilunion and “Reverse mentoring” from SGS.

The Ilunion initiative was born with a triple objective: to recognize and make visible the workers identified as senior talents, to ensure the transfer of knowledge, culture and values ​​of the organization, and to foster intergenerational relations.

Explains the project Susana Moreno, Head of the Department of Diversity and Employer Branding: “A group of volunteer employees from the Senior, Boomer or X generations with more than 16 years of seniority in the organization will be part of a catalog in digital format called “Diversity Senior Talent.” New employees will directly contact a senior from this catalog, who will become their mentor. This support process will last one year and will be a meeting and exchange space where knowledge can be shared He said.

For her part, Sylvia Paredes, Director of Human Resources of SGS, explains that the objectives of her Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring project are: “To improve intergenerational relations since 4 different generations coexist in SGS with skills, expectations and rhythms of different learning, promote open-mindedness, as this allows for a broadening of approaches when resolving situations, conflicts or generating new ideas, highlighting knowledge, digital skills and others such as creativity and flexibility of younger profiles so that they can add value and have a purpose regardless of the position they occupy and disseminate the knowledge and experience of senior managers to accelerate the processes of learning and development. ‘adaptation to the job thanks to the exchange of experiences and successes “.

Reverse mentoring, carried out by junior profiles to seniors to improve their digital skills, is combined with mentoring processes led by senior profiles to more junior profiles, in addition to the coaching and development program for managers, intended for people who promote or they end up doing it.

Finally, it should be noted that the project has contributed to the development of a culture that encourages collaboration and cooperation and values ​​the capacities of different generations.

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