find out which company has multiplied by thirteen the presence of female talent in its organization

Parity in teams: find out which company has multiplied by thirteen the presence of female talent in its organization

There are girls who dream of being scientists. And more and more. This is why every February 11, more and more voices join International Women’s Day and Nia in Science to raise awareness of the importance of making visible the fundamental role of women in science, as well as providing feminine references to bring this branch of the girls.

This year, the Valencian multinational Power Electronics wanted to join this celebration to inspire young people and teenagers and show them that within their work teams, there are already many women who are developing major projects. In recent years, the firm has multiplied by thirteen the female talents of its teams, respecting the set roadmap with which they plan to achieve parity in their workforce in the years to come.

“With only 28.5% of female students in scientific careers, it is essential that technology companies get involved and show the key role that women play within our teams”, they explain from the company, who wanted to celebrate this International Women’s Day and Girl in Science with a great collage of all women with scientific and technological training that will be disseminated through their social profiles.

Looking to the future, STEAM profiles, whose acronyms refer to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, will be the most attractive to the job market because they offer new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to different challenges and, therefore, it is necessary that women also want to train and develop their professional career in these branches.

Multidisciplinary and multicultural teams for the challenges of tomorrow

Power Electronics implements diversity with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams that contribute to the implementation of renewable energies as an energy model for a sustainable future in an international environment. In fact, their staff includes professionals of twenty different nationalities and forty different degrees. In addition, the average age of its employees is 37, which shows the importance that the company places on the integration of young talents.

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