Find out which emerging jobs will be most in demand in 2021

Changes in the labor market are a reality and it is that a sector which today can be a trend, tomorrow a revolution appears and a sector becomes the king of the market. If you are thinking of starting a business or even looking for work, we have brought you some of the most emerging industries of this year below which are mainly influenced by technology.

Data analysis

Above all, the group of health and care professionals recorded a growth of 37% for the year 2022, as proposed by the World Economic Forum and, most importantly, the profile of doctors is the most requested. Above all, this demand for additional doctors is due to the aging of the population.

Of course, doctors are not the same as they used to be and must go beyond their healthcare work, acquiring more and more digital skills, artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Customer success

Retail will play an important role in 2021, and customer success specialists will be in high demand. Specifically, customer success services increased by 70% from 2018 to 2019 in some countries, and this is one of the most in-demand types of professionals this year.

For example, in the casino industry, a customer success professional is one who maintains contact with a company’s customers, thereby ensuring that the customer’s experience with the product or service is flawless.

Sales development representative

This type of professional has grown by 40.67% and is a type of professional who basically analyzes customer needs, focuses on sales, defines business models that maximize sales and generate value for customers and is a fundamental pillar for companies and requires having commercial, technical and social skills.

Cloud consultant

More and more users and businesses are storing a large amount of information in the cloud. This has generated an increase in demand for a new type of job profile such as Cloud Consultants, which is a profession whose demand has increased by over 48%. Above all, they are highly sought after in certain sectors such as ICT, marketing or consulting. And the main skills you need to have are knowledge of TIBCO Businesssworks, DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Amazon Web Services, among other systems.

Solar installers

There is a growing demand for solar installers and it is, for example, according to data from the World Economic Forum, the volume of employment for this type of profile will grow but not in the short term but rather in the long term, some something that will happen when environmental economic policies are consolidated.

Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence sector is one of the main online bets in companies that are growing on the Internet. Professionals specializing in Artificial Intelligence are present in economic sectors directly linked to ICT and computer programming. Although it is more present in other fields such as telecommunications, management consulting, Internet and education.

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