Find out which job profiles are the most requested by companies in 2021

Technology profiles are the most demanded in today’s business market, especially given the technological growth of recent years, coupled with the urgent digitization process that Spanish companies have experienced after the coronavirus pandemic. In this context, professions related to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, advanced analytics or data are those that have experienced the most growth in recent years. Some jobs that in the next decade will be in high demand by organizations, with artificial intelligence experts leading the way. The growth of Data Scientists and Big Data Developers is estimated at over 45% per year, according to LinkedIn’s “Emerging Jobs Report 2020”.

The debate revolves around the imminent need to train specialized technical professionals who meet the demanding demands of the market. Experts from Verne Group, a technology company specializing in telecommunications and ICT, agree that the fields of data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are essential to the resilience of companies in terms of strategic decision-making and optimal development of the activity. From his point of view, the profiles most requested by companies will be those specializing in the extraction of large amounts of data, the construction and optimization of Big Data architectures, as well as in the development and application of models. predictive.

Lack of skilled professionals in advanced data and analytics

Data is the lifeblood of businesses today and one of the main engines of economic growth. “For the Spanish economic fabric, the main challenge lies in the care and importance given to data. To take advantage of the data generated within business processes, we need to place data very high on our value ladder, giving it the importance it deserves ”, says Antonio Soto, coordinator of the group’s Verne TECH sales division. Verne.

However, one of the challenges of data analysis is the talent needed to develop this type of solution. “There aren’t enough qualified staff for the demand that exists today, so finding that talent and keeping it has become a big business challenge,” he says. Data like that from the World Bank (Davos 2020: The Future of Work | World Economic Forum), indicates that it is projected that by 2022, 54% of workers will need to upgrade their skills due to pressure from the workplace. automation and artificial intelligence within companies. “If we put this data in a Spanish perspective, the average of analyst reports puts the growth of investments in automation processes at 35% until that same year 2022”, explains Soto.

As part of the “ Espaa Digital 2025 ” plan, an investment of 600 million euros is planned until 2025 in artificial intelligence to ensure that 25% of the Spanish business fabric uses AI and computer technologies. Big Data in 2025.

Academic training in Big Data to improve business decisions

Correct data analysis is essential to extract its full value, so academic training becomes essential for this. This is why educational programs such as the Master in Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, where students learn to understand information and turn it into knowledge to make better business decisions, are currently highly regarded.

“Today, there is no unemployment in this specialty. The students of our Master find a job even before finishing it, because the demand in the sector is much higher than the supply available at present. Now is the time to learn about emerging technologies, ”concludes Soto.

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