Find out which occupations are the most in demand in the hospitality sector (beyond cooks and waiters)

Find out which occupations are the most in demand in the hospitality sector (beyond cooks and waiters)

At a time when the search for catering staff is a challenge, knowledge of the hotel trade and their functions is necessary to be able to find an ideal profile for the position that we must fill in our company. Linkers, the famous hotel human resources consulting firm, was the promoter and author of the first gastronomic dictionary in Spanish, where they precisely defined the main hospitality professions.

Marianela Olivares, Managing Director of Linkers Consultancy, and author of the terms for hospitality professionals explained the objective of this educational work: “we believe that it is necessary to lay the foundations for real definitions of the main professions within ‘a restaurant. In order to standardize the tasks and functions which are necessary to perform their position correctly ”, and, for this reason, to offer an objective definition of the positions and their tasks; at the same time it is useful for searching and posting job vacancies. Here we offer you some unfamiliar positions in the hospitality sector which can be a job opportunity for many unemployed people:

The first place of all, although more than known, is that of the cook. Alma masters restaurants, is in charge of obtaining attractive and tasty food preparations for the customer. Its function in the kitchen is to manage the moments of pre-preparation, service and post-service within the kitchen of a restaurant. The term is often used in small business structures. At his side will be the kitchen assistant, the person in charge of assisting the cook or the chef de partie in the kitchen and responsible for the implementation or preparation that feeds the daily sales forecasts. You need to master different types of cutting, cooking and storing food. And it is also necessary to know how to organize the pantry, clean the various elements of the kitchen and note the losses and shortages of stocks.

There will also be an office, which is the person in charge of cleaning the dishes and cutlery during the lunch and dinner service to speed up the pace and turnover of customers. Its function is to keep the greatest number of plates, dishes, glasses, cups and kitchen utensils clean and ready for use at all times. It is one of the fundamental supports in kitchen and living room equipment for the rotation of tables, due to its agility, organizational capacity, cleanliness and reaction to different work volumes. And do you know what a chef is? It is a professional from the highest operational hierarchy within the kitchen who oversees the quality standards of a service. Its functions include the distribution of tasks of the work team, the monitoring of pre-service, service and post-service, and the control of purchases and inventory management. He is also in charge of purchasing products, designing menus, distributing work by item and providing good support. There are cases where a leader can be a leader, but not all leaders are leaders.

But then … what is a chef? It is an expert cook who directs the operation of a kitchen both in the preparation and in the management of material resources and people. Its function is to manage the costs of raw materials within the framework of established budgets and to maintain the standard of quality, the selection of suppliers and the productive performance of the workforce. In addition to culinary knowledge, you must integrate knowledge of team management and cost structures.

And did you know that executive chefs exist? Well, yes there is, and it is the expert cooking professionals who research and analyze for dish innovation and the development of new cooking techniques. Its function goes beyond the culinary field itself, since it must interpret the kitchen space in order to make the most of the available resources and to maximize the results of the establishment.

On the other side of the bar, in addition, there is also a wide variety of professionals: The barmaid is the professional woman in charge of preparing and serving drinks at the bar of a catering establishment. Not only does he dispense drinks to customers who are in the bar area, but he also assists with all drinks required for table service. What if it’s a man? He then receives the name of bartender. The mixologist is one who is expert in mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Your task is to work from a central station, preparing cocktails depending on the time of day. But we also find the mixologist, who is the expert in the study, creation and design of shaker preparations. You need to know the chemical composition of different liquors and alcoholic drinks and have knowledge of cooking and professional pairings. Its function is to research, analyze and create new flavors and combinations based on a business concept and atmosphere.

And already on leaving the room, we find a large number of different trades. For example, the runner, who is the person who quickly moves dishes from the kitchen to the living room and leaves them available for the waiter to serve to the customer. There is also the master, who is the professional with maximum responsibility in the management of the services and events of a restaurant. Its function is to coordinate the different positions of the room, the allocation of tasks, the type of service, the management of spaces and materials for their execution. But, on arrival, we will sometimes have come across a hostess, the professional in charge of being the host of an establishment. Its function is to organize reservations and then receive customers, accompany them and suggest the restaurant’s specialties.

In addition, the room-manager also intervenes here, who is the professional responsible for a restaurant room, who is in charge of managing the service by guiding the stages of implementation, organization of ranges, development and development. ‘collection of the service. As room manager, I will be the one who, depending on the volume of sales, reservations and time, will determine the type of service, the style of attention, the rhythm and the coordination of the different positions (sommelier, barman, hostess, waiters and runners).

But we can not end without talking about the positions that we find related to the management of the restaurant. Here we find the manager, the person in charge of the daily management of the restaurant and who is in charge of coordinating the tasks of the rest of the positions and managing the service, the ranges and the materials for their execution. In addition, he performs the quadrants of schedules, cash closings, order management, inventory and service management.

On the other hand, we have the manager, that is to say the person who, according to the strategy of the company, decides and directs the resources that make up the company in order to achieve profitable objectives. Their job is to monitor that the company’s operating processes are efficient and productive. He is generally responsible for selecting staff, negotiating with vendors, hiring advertising campaigns, and controlling the cost of spending against income. The room manager is at the head of a catering company that designs and develops work strategies by setting medium and long-term objectives in order to obtain profitable results and develop the image of the brand.

In addition, the restaurant manager is at the head of a catering company that designs and develops work strategies setting medium and long term objectives. He is responsible for ensuring that the company’s value proposition is consolidated in the market. For which you must consider the factor of productivity, sales and customer retention. And the operations manager is responsible for managing the annual budgets and managing the operational resources of the company. Its function is to analyze the sales volume and manage the resources of the different production areas to achieve the profitability of the company.

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