Find out which professional profiles are most in demand in the tourism sector

Find out which professional profiles are most in demand in the tourism sector

InfoJobs, the main job platform in Spain, registered nearly 8,000 vacancies in the Tourism and Catering professional category during the month of May, generating more than double the number of vacancies compared to the previous month (3 872). Despite the fact that these are data that invite optimism, the tourism and catering sector has been one of the worst affected sectors throughout the pandemic, recording very low numbers. The closure of the hotel, time restrictions and / or capacity limitation were the most prominent causes. However, the end of the state of alert, the advancement of vaccination and the control of the infection rate undoubtedly stimulated the growth of this category during the month of May.

By comparing the data for this year with those for May 2020, when nearly 1,100 job offers were made, we see that the volume of job offers has multiplied by 8. At that time, the economy of our country was restarting after compulsory confinement and the first wave of Covid infections. This is why, to obtain a more detailed comparison, we have to go back to the same period of 2019, when around 24,000 job offers were published on the platform, which represents a decrease of 68%. Thus, although there is talk of a recovery in the sector and a revival of the growth of vacancies on the platform, the figures are still far from the data before the pandemic.

Tourism is an economic engine in our country. And, although industry organizations such as Exceltur continue to expect a gradual recovery of the sector as the vaccination campaign in our country progresses and coronavirus infections continue to be under control, we will have to wait for them. summer months and early summer campaign to find out the extent of the recovery.

The key to this recovery is the reactivation of foreign tourism. First, the green digital certificate goes into effect on July 1, which will allow European tourists to travel without the need for PCR testing or maintaining mandatory quarantines. In addition, the United Kingdom has once again excluded Spain from the list of countries where travel is not safe and concerns sectoral organizations since the majority of tourists come from the British Isles. And, according to INE data, in 2019 nearly 20 million Britons traveled to Spain, which equates to one in five tourists. Second, international cruises return to Spanish waters which, according to the CLIA association, represent a contribution of 2,800 million to the national GDP and the creation of more than 50,000 jobs.

In this context, it should be remembered that 542,000 people are currently under the Regulatory File for Temporary Work (ERTE) and around 45% of them are professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. Consequently, the economic recovery during the summer season will be decisive for this sector.

The category Tourism and catering in the Balearic Islands represents 20% of the total vacancies, the highest percentage among the different Autonomous Communities

The growth of the Tourism and catering category has been notable in most of the Autonomous Communities. If we analyze the number of vacancies published, Catalonia with nearly 2,000 vacancies (+ 163% compared to the previous month), Madrid with more than 1,500 (+ 108%) and the Valencian Community with 1,049 vacant positions (70%) were the communities with the highest numbers recorded. However, the distribution of the weight of the tourism sector in the total volume does not exceed 5%.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the Balearic Islands, which represent 20.5% of the total volume of vacancies in the professional category of tourism and catering. In this CCAA, 625 vacancies were posted, which is an increase of 41% from the previous month. In comparison with the figures of the Canary Islands, another of the important tourist destinations of our country, this region recorded only 141 vacancies (4% of the total), with a growth of 213% compared to April 2021.

#The most requested professionals in the tourism and catering sector

By analyzing in detail the #LosProfesionalesMsDemandentes for the month of May, server / a is the most requested profile in the Tourism and catering category of InfoJobs with nearly 2,430 positions. Next come the chef, with 1,255 jobs, and the kitchen assistant, with nearly 1,100 jobs.

In addition, the rise in demand for professional profiles dedicated to leadership or management tasks is notable, such as manager with nearly 300 positions, project manager with more than 150 positions and sales representative with nearly 130 positions.

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