Find out which training modalities are bouncing back after summer returns

There is no doubt that digitization has become, in recent years, one of the great allies in the world of training, both for individuals and for companies. Yet, taking advantage of the rest time that the summer season grants millions of people around the world, it seems that online training continues to be a sure-fire companion. At least that’s what Udemy Business – Udemy’s industry-leading enterprise platform for training and e-learning – confirms in its latest report on “Trends in Learning in Place. work ”, in which it shares the preferences of workers around the world. and for Spain to train this summer.

For its part, with regard to data from Spain, the software engineer is once again among the preferred options for workers to continue their training. First, and with 81% growth, we find the trend of training on UX design, or user experience design, which is defined as all the factors related to a user’s interaction process. in relation to a service. or specific product. On the other hand, and with an increase of 64% in both cases, there is data modeling (process of creation and organization of business data) and the Java SE platform (application programming interface of the language JAVA programming).

What is the world learning this summer

The Udemy Business report also highlights the training preferences of workers from countries like Canada, UK, Germany, France or USA, among others. For example, Google’s ‘Associate Cloud Engineer’ certification (most demanded skill in Canada, with an increase of 198%), the Next.js development platform (most demanded skill in the United Kingdom, + 44%), Java Mockito (skill most in demand in Germany, + 147%), interest in functional programming (skill most in demand in France, + 152%) and design of maintenance systems (skill most in demand in the United States , + 2.004%) are positioned as global megatrends, which continue to confirm the global interest in programming and data science.

The most requested “soft” and technological skills in the world during the summer

Regarding ‘soft skills’, the interest in developing and strengthening ‘coaching’ and the importance of charisma within the team (very important in the management of projects and people) is position as two of the most requested ‘soft’. skills at present globally, with an increase of 252% and 186% respectively. For its part, and with an increase of 163%, we find sales management in third position, as a fundamental element also for companies when it comes to finding the best profiles for their team. Thus, the ranking of the 10 most requested “soft” skills of the summer in the world would be as follows:

Coaching (252% increase) Charisma (+ 186%) Sales management (+ 163%) Conversation skills (+ 158%) Customer experience management (+ 109%) Logic (+ 70%) Professional coaching (+ 66%) Empowerment (+ 51%) Negotiation (+ 45%) Productivity applications (+ 40%)

Regarding the “hard skills” of the most demanded technology sector in the online training environment in the world this summer, we observed that interest in PowerCenter computing continues to experience strong growth, with an increase of 1 031%. Likewise, in the case of tools like Pentaho and the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant training, there is also a huge increase in interest, with increases of 690% and 521% respectively. The “top 10” for “hard” skills in the tech industry will be:

Design of maintenance systems (with an increase of 1,670%)

Apigee (+ 1,033%) Informtica PowerCenter (+ 1,031%) Databricks Developer Certificate (+ 778%) GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) (+ 769%) Pentaho (+ 690%) Salesforce Sales Consultant Certificate (+ 521%) CCNP Security (+ 440%) Social media management (+ 392%) Verilog HDL programming (+ 360%)

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