find out why and how to carry out the process

Discover the agile methodology that will allow you to analyze the degree of digitization of your work environment to implement improvements in your Digital Workplace

Boost the Digital Workplace, the great HR opportunity: find out why and how to carry out the process

It’s been a long time, and not just because of the coronavirus pandemic, that technology ceased to be territory limited to digital experts. Technology has democratized and, as a result, digital and virtual knowledge is accessible to virtually all professionals who make up the business and work ecosystem. For this reason, the digitalization of the work environment is no longer an exclusive mission of technological departments, but the field of people management acquires an important and relevant weight, key in the process of digital transformation.

What is a digital workplace? What about the employee’s digital experience? Why is it more important than ever to support the digitalization of the workplace? How to analyze, measure and improve the degree of virtualization of my work environment? We’ll talk about all of this and more in the webinar ‘How to Boost Your Digital Workplace: Agile Methodologies for the Digital Employee Experience’, hosted by The Digital Workplaces, KnowditalyRRHHDigital.

During the virtual meeting, which will take place on Thursday 11 February from 12:00 to 12:40, the keys to analyze the degree of digitization of the work environment, the employee experience and how to do it through a methodology will be revealed. agile that will allow companies to energize their digital workspace, continue to strengthen the most important areas and implement improvements in those with the most weaknesses.

You can also discover the reason for the question we asked you in the title. Why is the promotion of the Digital Workplace an opportunity for HR? Why has this become your responsibility? You will have the answer in the webinar presented by Adrin Gonzlez, editor-in-chief of RRHHDigital and Javier Prieto, co-founder of The Digital Workplaces.

The virtual meeting will take place next Thursday, February 11, from 12 noon to 12:40 pm Click here to register.

Click here to register for the webinar ‘How to Boost Your Digital Workspace: Agile Methodologies for the Digital Employee Experience’

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